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Expectations & Requirements

All members will be expected to:

  • Maintain superior grades in all academic classes
    • There is no conflict between homework and Percussion Ensemble. We have been doing this for many years with thousands of students and can assure you there is plenty of time to complete all homework and study for tests without missing rehearsals or performances.  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and practice time management skills, which will be invaluable both now and for the rest of your lives.
    • Students failing academic classes will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities including Percussion Ensemble
  • Attend all rehearsals, parades, and other performances

    • If you do not have a copy of the schedule, please ask Mr. Claussen for one -- we also try to keep the website calendar as up-to-date as possible
    • Report excused absences via the website ( as early as possible
    • At the discretion of the staff, students with unexcused absences may not be eligible to perform in future shows or competitions
    • Examples of excused absences include:
      • serious illness
      • death in the family
      • approved school-related events (participation in sports or other conflicting school events will depend on the amount of schedule conflict)
  • Examples of unexcused absences include (but are not limited to):
    • attending a party
    • concert
    • work
    • procrastination of studying/homework which leads to a cram-session just before a test or project is due
  • Arrive prepared at all rehearsals with the following items

    • Black t-shirt (white t-shirt is acceptable during summer rehearsals)
    • Three-ring binder with sheet protectors
    • Pencil and eraser
    • Gym shorts or sweatpants
    • Tennis shoes (and marching shoes for the winter percussion season)
    • Sticks or mallets
    • Instrument(s)
    • Music
    • Water bottle (with water!)
    • Insect repellent for outside rehearsals
    • Sunscreen for daytime rehearsals
  • Uphold musical responsibilities

    • Practice for a minimum of 20 minutes every day outside of rehearsals
    • Memorize music in a timely fashion
  • Adapt a method of professionalism

    • Display a high level of respect for staff, volunteers, and each other
    • Represent yourself with pride and poise at all public and school events
  • Treat instruments with the finest care at all times

    • Nothing is ever to be placed on top of the keyboards/timpani other than mallets, sticks, or instrument covers
    • Instruments should be lined up and covered or in cases when they are not being played
    • Sticks and mallets are never to be placed on the ground or floor
    • Mallets should never be handled by the heads (this prevents the oils from your hands from destroying the mallet heads as well as the keys of your instrument)
    • Please make sure that you are checking your instruments and making sure that all screws, nuts, bolts, lugs and straps are always secure (you will be responsible for replacing any parts due to carelessness)
    • When moving instruments on rolling frames, pull the frame from the front instead of pushing it from the back (this reduces stress on the frame when going over bumps or rocky terrain)
    • When moving timpani, pull from the side rods and not the rim of the head (otherwise the heads will become out-of-tune)
  • Maintain good rehearsal etiquette at all rehearsals

    • Arrive early enough to setup equipment/props and be ready to begin rehearsing on time
    • Listen carefully to instruction
    • Do not chat with or instruct each other during rehearsal unless directed to do so
    • Gum chewing is not permitted
    • Turn cell phones off
    • Return from lunch / breaks on time

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