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The Salem Blue Devils Percussion Ensemble has been around for many successful years, and experience tells us that you will find all of the hard work to be well worth the effort.

In exchange for your dedication and commitment to excellence, you will receive the experience of a lifetime!  Membership in the Percussion Ensemble is more than just performance. Members form a bond during the school year that comes from working closely together in an activity they enjoy. Incoming students will be pleased to discover that starting high school isn't as difficult when they've already made a lot of friends in band before school even begins. Members get to attend all football games free of charge and learn the thrill of performing before and competing against other groups on a regular basis. Travelling to shows across the state (and sometimes across the country) is a lot of fun, and lifelong friendships can be made through these shared experiences.

Long term benefits extend to college applications, where extracurricular activities such as Marching Band and Percussion Ensemble are looked upon quite favorably.  Life skills such as time management, commitment to responsibilities, and working toward a common goal in a team environment are just a few other examples of lessons learned beyond the music.

In the end, Percussion Ensemble is a fun, challenging, and rewarding activity that keeps members coming back for more each year.  Congratulations once again on your decision to be a part of the Salem Blue Devils Percussion Ensemble!

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