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Instrument Assignment Evaluation Period

The first two to three weeks of the rehearsal season are used to weigh all of the above factors and determine who will be assigned to which instrument(s). Following are some guidelines recommended to all members during this period:

  • Provide the staff with your top 5 instrument choices in order of preference.  Although we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to one of these choices, we will do our best to accommodate everyone within the criteria listed above.
  • Be sure to maintain perfect attendance at all rehearsals. As explained above, coverage is important, so demonstrate that you are willing and able to be at all rehearsals and performances.
  • Prepare for each rehearsal. Those who take the time to study their music and hone their technique between rehearsals will increase the odds of being assigned to an instrument of their choice. Staff members will be on the lookout for those individuals who show marked improvement from one rehearsal to the next.
  • Demonstrate responsibility. Members who demonstrate a high level of responsibility are often assigned to preferred instruments because they can be relied upon to meet the skill and coverage demands as required.  Examples of showing such responsibility include: arriving at rehearsal early to setup, always having required materials such as printed music and pencils, taking care of equipment, helping others with their music and equipment, memorizing music in a timely manner, setting a good example of professionalism, maintaining a positive attitude at all times, and adhering to the rules of rehearsal etiquette.
  • Please keep in mind that the ensemble's membership changes from one season to the next. New students join, senior students graduate, and the skill levels of all students develop at different rates. As a result, we cannot guarantee that returning members will be assigned to the same instrument(s) that they have played in the past. Each fall and winter season, we must reevaluate assignments based on the factors above.

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